Is Buffalo Yeshiva a good fit for my son?

Is Buffalo Yeshiva a good fit for my son?

Yeshivas Menachem of Buffalo (Buffalo Yeshiva) was established by renowned Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Munitz, in 1998. With over 35 years of Chinuch experience, Rabbi Munitz continues to inspire bachurim, touching their hearts with his warm, gentle and positive approach. Under his guidance, the bachurim attain a new appreciation for Yiddishkeit and Hiskashrus.

What is your curriculum?

Chassidus starts 8:30am with Derech Mitzvosecha. Davening is followed by seder Gemara L’Iyun, which extends until lunch. Prior to Mincha is the Inyanei Geula U’Moshiach Shiur. Buffalo Yeshiva is known for it’s over the top emphasis and strong Kuch in Inyanei Moshiach. After Mincha the bachurim learn Navi and Tanya followed by seder Gemara L’Girsa. In this Girsa class the bachurim will learn a complete Mesechta every year. After Girsa is a comprehensive shiur in Shulchan Aruch. Finally for night seder the bachurim learn Sichos and Maamarim. Every Thursday night they enjoy an open forum for all questions, dubbed the “Ice cream/farbrengen”, with and at the home of local Rav, Harav Hagon Rabbi Hescel Greenberg.

The level of learning is average; good enough for the brighter heads yet attainable to those still struggling with their learning skills.

What is your philosophy?

We are a Yeshiva that strives to uphold the standards of a Chabad Lubavitch Yeshiva while realizing that some bachurim need more room, understanding and positive motivation. Our students comply with the rules out of respect, not out of fear. Our ideal group of 15-20 boys allows for personal attention to each student.

Is there anything extra-curricular?

The bachurim benefit from periodic classes in pre-Smicha, computer programming, Life skills/budgeting, Krav Maga and wifi privileges. We take them weekly to the JCC pool and gym as well as The Shvitz, a local sauna with pool reserved just for the boys. Incentive trips include Skiing, paintball shooting and the like.

How is the Gashmius?

The Yeshiva is situated in the beautiful safe Buffalo suburb of Amherst, NY, just 25 minutes from Niagara Falls. For now, we operate out of an oversized house. The dorming accommodations have just been renovated with the Kitchen, Shiur room and Zal due to be renovated this summer.

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